Stories From the Field: Akshaya

Stories from the field represent a series of remembrances from over a million miles on the road.

Hyderabad, India 2007.

I was in Hyderabad to accompany HIV outreach workers as they performed their rounds. As the sun went down and the smell of the cooking fires came up, we had one more visit to make.  Driti (name changed), the outreach worker for this area, led me down a dirt alley between two broken down houses.  She explained that we were going to a safe house for women with HIV.  We stopped before a huge black metal door with a small peep hole in the middle.  Driti knocked and we entered to a dirt courtyard with a small three room house in the back.  The compound was surrounded by ten foot walls.  Here we met Akshaya (name changed) and her two children ages 3 and 5.  I was unprepared for her story.

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