Last Day in Moz

Last Day in Moz

Last day in Mozambique. Full morning of rain. Rickety boats. And when the sun finally comes out- running aground a mile from shore in super stinky mud. Glamorous.

Accion Video

Hey- just finished a new video for Accion, a Boston based NGO that promotes financial inclusion, about a guitar maker in Paraguay. Check it out.

Zimbabwe Travel Log

Rosie Vanek, Global Fund Communications
John Rae,  Photographer

Oct 6th

Well, well, well, landed in Harare after 28 hours of travel and had the customs guy decides to pick me out of the lineup for extra attention. So off we go to the stainless steel table that seems to be sporting some strange stains anyway. Carefully and with a bit of show he dons rubber gloves and requests that I open my suitcase. He begins to pull out anything electronic. One backup speedflash. One transceiver. One box of backup cables. One monopod. After he turns over each piece, he carefully notes it’s description on a ledger. Twenty minutes later, once he has satisfied himself with about 15 items in my big bag he requests that I open my camera bag. He takes one look at all the stuff in the bag, looks over at the unopened computer bag, glances at his ledger and gives up. First time too much stuff has saved me. I exit stage right.

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