Sun Clinic Fights TB in Myanmar

Doctor Yu Yu May is one of my heroes of healthcare. She is fighting TB on the front lines of the pandemic in Mandalay, Myanmar. Her community based approach is one of the most effective ways to combat the spread of TB, a disease that claims over 9 million infections per year and kills over 1.5 million people per year. Here is her video.

Promoting Financial Inclusion in Peru

Just back from Peru on assignment for ACCION, a Boston based NGO that promotes financial inclusion. We traveled overland from Cusco to Puno to meet ACCION clients who are benefiting from the programs. Best moment: learning how to call the Lake Chicken from Jorge Vilca Charca, an Uros Indian living on a reed island in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Click here to be directed to the gallery.

El Salvador and Honduras

Just back from El Salvador and Honduras on assignment for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria. Click here to be directed to the gallery.

AP 30 Photo Contest Winner

John Rae Photography Winner in AP 30 Photo Contest

American Photographer has announced the winners of the AP 30 Photo Contest . AP is one of the most prestigious Photo Contests in the US. The winning photograph was chosen from tens of thousands of entries from over 80 countries. The photo was shot on assignment for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria in Cape Town’s infamous Pollsmoor Prison. Prisons are wonderful incubators of TB and AIDS and the GF supports efforts to fight the two pandemics in prisons around the world.

Last Day in Moz

Last Day in Moz

Last day in Mozambique. Full morning of rain. Rickety boats. And when the sun finally comes out- running aground a mile from shore in super stinky mud. Glamorous.

Accion Video

Hey- just finished a new video for Accion, a Boston based NGO that promotes financial inclusion, about a guitar maker in Paraguay. Check it out.

Zimbabwe Travel Log

Rosie Vanek, Global Fund Communications
John Rae,  Photographer

Oct 6th

Well, well, well, landed in Harare after 28 hours of travel and had the customs guy decides to pick me out of the lineup for extra attention. So off we go to the stainless steel table that seems to be sporting some strange stains anyway. Carefully and with a bit of show he dons rubber gloves and requests that I open my suitcase. He begins to pull out anything electronic. One backup speedflash. One transceiver. One box of backup cables. One monopod. After he turns over each piece, he carefully notes it’s description on a ledger. Twenty minutes later, once he has satisfied himself with about 15 items in my big bag he requests that I open my camera bag. He takes one look at all the stuff in the bag, looks over at the unopened computer bag, glances at his ledger and gives up. First time too much stuff has saved me. I exit stage right.

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ASMP Awards John Rae

ASMP (America’s leading trade organization for photographers) has announced the winners of its 2014 Photography Contest. John Rae has won an Honorable Mention for his photograph of Raphael, a member of an AIDS orphaned family in Zambia. Click here to see the winner. The Image14 Contest Winners Exhibition will be held at the prestigious Chelsea 27 Gallery with an opening on October 23, 2014 at 6pm.

Stories From the Field: Akshaya

Stories from the field represent a series of remembrances from over a million miles on the road.

Hyderabad, India 2007.

I was in Hyderabad to accompany HIV outreach workers as they performed their rounds. As the sun went down and the smell of the cooking fires came up, we had one more visit to make.  Driti (name changed), the outreach worker for this area, led me down a dirt alley between two broken down houses.  She explained that we were going to a safe house for women with HIV.  We stopped before a huge black metal door with a small peep hole in the middle.  Driti knocked and we entered to a dirt courtyard with a small three room house in the back.  The compound was surrounded by ten foot walls.  Here we met Akshaya (name changed) and her two children ages 3 and 5.  I was unprepared for her story.

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