Award: 2014 PDN Photo Annual

Award: 2014 PDN Photo Annual

Photo District News announced the winners of its annual flagship photo contest and John Rae has been named a winner in the Design/Promo Category. The winning series of photographs was created for The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria on assignment in Zambia. Maureen, Rachel and Gift lost their parents to AIDS six years ago. Maureen, the oldest, was 16. Since then the children have been forced to fend for themselves. Maureen quit school and found a job to feed the others. Now with support of a GF program the younger kids are going to school. Additional nutritional, medical, and transportation supplements give the kids a fighting chance. The PDN Annual Photo Contest is one of the most prestigious contests in North America. The photographs were chosen from over 20,000 entries from around the world. Click here to see the series winner.

Stories From the Field: Juan Carlos

Stories from the field represent a series of remembrances from over a million miles on the road.

September 2008

I was in Cuidad del Este, Paraguay on assignment for the Global Fund. CDE is defined by hyperactive cross border trading with Brazil. And, as you might guess, it’s prisons are full of traders, fixers, and others who have put their toes well over a few legal lines. We had come to CDE Regional Prison to document a successful Global Fund sponsored program that fights the spread of TB. Prisons are incredibly good incubators of TB because conditions tend to be crowed, dirty, and wet. TB is transmitted through the air, mostly through coughing. So if you are locked in a crowded cell, it is difficult to protect yourself from infection. Stopping the spread of TB in prisons is important because, as one guard put it, “Sooner or later you are going to have to let them out”. Read more

Stories From the Field: How I broke a Car, a House, a Temple and Myself in One Day

Stories from the field represent a series of remembrances from over a million miles on the road.

There I was, there I was, there I was- Laos.  This was my first mission to Laos and I did not know what to expect.  All I knew was that Laos had the dubious distinction of being the country that has had the most bombs dropped on it without ever being in a war.  Yes the US dropped the bombs trying to disrupt the Viet Cong supply lines during the Vietnam War. The Laotians have not forgotten.  In rural villages and midsized towns it is not unusual to see displays of unexploded ordinance.

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Travel Journal: Burma – May 2013


May 5th, 2013 Burma

Assignment:  To document successful Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria projects.

Last night I landed in Rangoon, Burma after 37 hours of travel. Walking out of the climate controlled airport I was enveloped by the hot, humid, incensed air.  Twenty-nine years ago on my honeymoon (was married at 14) I walked into the same space with my wife Leigh and was never the same. I was anxious to see how Burma had changed.  First off I was in Yangon, Myanmar not Rangoon, Burma. Read more

Stories From the Field:  Tara BK is My Hero

Stories From the Field: Tara BK is My Hero

Stories from the field represent a series of remembrances from over a million miles on the road.

There I was there I was there I was far western Nepal.  We were up in ‘the hills’ which are 14000 ft edifices that anywhere else would be called mountains but in Nepal are called hills.  We had survived ‘the most dangerous road in Nepal’ the day before to get to a small town called Silgadhi.  We were there to visit the local PLWA (People Living With Aids) support group.  The leader of the group was Tara BK.  Tara BK is my hero. Read more

Health and Hospitals Corp of NYC

When Joe Schick Head of Special Projects at the HHC calls you jump.  HHC is the wing of the New York City Government that runs all the public hospitals.  I had been working for them for about 8 years on various projects and I still remember the first time Joe called. He said that I was being awarded an all expense paid trip to Bellevue Hospital.  Oh brother.  But then I got to Bellevue I was blown away by the Hospital and the people who worked there.  The more I learned the more impressed I became.  Quick for instance: this system of 11 major hospitals is the largest municipal healthcare organization in the country. It serves 1.4 million patients every year and more than 475,000 of those patients are uninsured. Thirty three percent of the patients that walk through the door are uninsured and not only does the place hold it together it delivers excellent care. Read more